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Why Hire A Freelance Agency?

Flexible Time-frame and Schedule

Direct Contact


One person = consistency

Highly Motivated and Innovative

Lower Cost

With a company you might be lucky to get what you paid for. With a freelancer you’ll get much more for far less cost.

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Web Design specialist for WIX & EditorX

If you're looking for a handcrafted tailor made website for yourself or your business, you've come to the right place!

At Web Craft you can expect:​

Unique high quality customised design and branding | High return on investment | Tailored to exceed business goals and objectives | Expandable | Easy to use CMS | Long lifespan | Excellent SEO | Secure | High user satisfaction | Multilingual | E-commerce site | Dedicated and reliable support | Easy Apps Installation

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Here at Web Craft, I take Search Engine Optimization very seriously!!! So serious in fact, I refuse to make a website without including it.

There are several approaches and tactics that are used to make a site SEO friendly and make it responsive to different types of searches.


I am an expert at getting Wix sites top ranking. Need proof? Just ask!

Choose from one off SEO major update and/or monthly plans. 



Let Web Craft maintain your website so you can focus on running your business.We help businesses across the planet improve the performance and look of their websites. Whether you’re looking for a monthly or hourly plan, Web Craft provides the experience and expertise your company demands.​

Support | Update SEO | Update mobile site | Add/delete pages | Update content | Add store products | Add new apps | Hosting/domain information | Mailbox setup | Payment gateway integration | Add/update forms | 


The Portfolio

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Web Craft client website design, yachting partners Malta
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Kamala was fantastic to have as our web designer. She really 'got' us as a client and a business. She is patient with a fantastic attitude and a commitment to delivering a website that provides 100% satisfaction to her clients. Highly recommended!"

Richard Hansen, Admin
Anneliese Gilberd Ballet Academy

New Zealand

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We've been working with WebCraft for the last 3 years. Any changes, updates or modifications we need on the website is always taken care by my project manger, Kamala. I love the fact that I can reach her anytime I need anything, and she always takes care of it for me. I am honored to be able to express my deep gratitude for their expertise.

Michael Rypel, Marketing Manager

Todd Mueller Autographs

United States

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Working with Kamala was simple and easy, and her clever arrangement of text, titles and pictures as well as her own creative input, is what really put's the "spark" into this website. Our salves have increased exponentially with her ongoing SEO efforts.

Peter Smidt, Engineer/Owner
Hammock Art



The Reviews

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